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ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System – the software that recruiters use to keep candidate applications and information. Many will claim there are set rules you must follow to ‘beat the ATS’. However, internet research will give multiple conflicting perspectives. With our experience, industry-current knowledge and connections, we provide clarity and truth.

While other successful resume writers have good writing skills alone, we bring you a truly holistic and results-oriented service – INCLUDING great writing skills, but also along with expertise from Consulting, Recruitment, Copywriting, HR and our diverse staff with experience from ALL industries.

We are dedicated to offering our clients TRUTH. In a climate of misinformation surrounding the today’s recruitment environment, we pride ourselves on maintaining an information database and a network of connections to stay on top of what is genuinely working in recruitment TODAY, and offering our clients that same counsel.

Finally, we take extreme pride in our consultative approach and partner closely with all of our clients, establishing lifetime connections. We care about our clients and operate in a customer-centric basis. Our mission is to accelerate the job market, and we ensure all clients are on the same page.

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